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May. 26th, 2005 | 06:29 pm
posted by: sometimeafter in philobate

okay, y'all. i've got a new topic idea. what does everyone think of guantanamo (sp?) bay? for anyone who doesn't know, we're keeping people we think might be terrorists there. it's in cuba. kinda interesting. the reason it's there is because it's illegal in the united states, keeping supposed terrorists like that.

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from: indirectlyyes
date: Jun. 29th, 2005 08:56 pm (UTC)

Officially, they are "enemy combatants", i.e., not uniform soldiers who would be responsible to a state (and thus eligible for Geneva convention treatment of P.O.W.s) and not "criminals" who would be afforded the rights of U.S. criminal procedures. You can say they are only thought to be terrorists, but they were, in fact, captured in military engagements with American troops. They were fighting us or discovered making plans to fight us.

The concern, of course, is the gray area of not being official soldiers who identify themselves in the arena of combat, nor criminals and subject to civil authorities. So, what is the military doing with them? And how do we know? It's a good question, since a couple are American citizens (though that doesn't really matter, you can still be an enemy combatant) and we only have the reports from the military tribunals themselves. There is the stated policy of not using torture, of course. However, detention for those captured in times of war is indefinite -- i.e., until the war is over, which means something like the enemy is incapable of further attack. But: when will the "war on terrorism" be over? When will al queada be incapable of further attack?

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