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A Penny for your Thoughts : Prohibition of Flag Burning

Jun. 26th, 2006 | 01:33 pm
posted by: 1ad_astra1 in philobate

This morning, in fact right now, the senate is discussing prohibiting flag burning. On both sides-for or against the prohibition,-arguments meet at the same level of ethical beliefs.

On one hand, we have protecting our pre-existing freedom of speech; the amendment that congress ruled to protect in 1989 by making flag burning a form of protest rather than an offense punishable by law. And on the other hand we have protecting the ideals of the United States ( i.e. unity, justice and liberty), protecting the ideals by prohibiting desecration to the nation's symbol (flag).

Respect is something that should be an attribute of the everyday citizen. However, it is my belief that when it comes to laws, they should be minimal and should only exist when the problem is an everyday situation.

 Dictating laws to the nation means more restraints and more loop holes to be neglected. The main concern i have when it comes to prohibiting something like flag burning would be that this prohibition would be one step closer to a dictatorship where speaking out against the nation is unlawful, therefore punishable.

 The United States citizens should be allowed to think for themselves because those under the limelight are not children and the difference between right and wrong should not always be dictated by law. Once laws determine our everyday lives and our every decision we lose more and more what it is that this prohibition wishes to protect. The US is not a nation of laws it is a nation of its people; a nation of laws is just another saying for dictatorship. While flag burning may be abhorrent and something i do no plan on doing myself, i fear what door this law might open and what door it has to close in order to function.

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Ethics and Media Piracy

Jun. 3rd, 2006 | 04:27 pm
posted by: 1ad_astra1 in philobate

Its crazy how many anti-piracy ads i see being output by the media, such as in movies u purchase now, the dramatization of downloading being a crime with a catchy beat throughout the advert.

When is downloading a crime? ( you can look at the actual copyright law, however this is more of a personal ethics question)

Can we Keep Free p2p downloading and simply apply fees to things to help support those effected monotarily instead?(see article: When is downloading illegal)

Along with downloading music/ movies, viruses are often hidden in the files, destroying personal property,(eg computers) you may argue that it is the persons fault for doing something illegal but the same tactics are applied to flash media which is free online for all. Malicious spyware is applied through visiting specific websites, opening harmless emails and causing harm atleast by slowing your computer down and making it vulnerable for even more curious passerbys to access all that is on your hard drive.

Should a federal law be sought out to protect people and their computers? how?

We are getting closer and closer to a cashles society where everyone utilizes their debit/credit cards,
Doesn't  this lack of legal protection make it easier for identity theft and why has it not been addressed outside of spyware in california?

I found one article that summarizs some issues but doesnt quite ellaborate to my likings; i do, however, like the bit when it speaks of the canadian copyright protection, i will have to do more reasearch on this, if anyone knows anything about it i would be glad to hear.
When is Downloading Illegal?

This took me a while to read because of its dull and monotonous language, but it is interesting none the less and helps understand certain aspects of illegal downloading in the US and puts light onto other things that i had no idea were illegal. I just wish it ent into more detail, i think as a legal document it is too vague.
The Digital Millennium Copyright act of 1998(PDF)

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Jan. 24th, 2006 | 05:51 pm
sentiment: thoughtfulthoughtful
posted by: lolweasel in philobate

Why do you think monogamy is important in society?

Where do you think it comes from?

Is it important to you?

What does it mean to you?

My two cents (the Bible and Brownmiller).Collapse )

Please consider this topic.

The most incredible thing is how few people have ever asked why monogamy?

Question all. I beseech you.


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weekly theme: communities supporting presidents

Jul. 2nd, 2005 | 12:51 pm
posted by: sometimeafter in philobate

okay, y'all, it's time for a new weekly theme. i just got this idea. my friend is vacationing in tennessee, and he says that all around there's bush-cheney signs. do your towns/states really obviously support one person/party? how is it shown in your communities? what do you think of entire communities supporting one party? i mean, most states are slanted either way, we know that, and the voting system was kind of based to acknowledge that. but in your community, are there signs and stuff still up? do you still notice public support of one party or another? just something to think about... i'm curious to know everyone's opinions, and what it's like in their communities.

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new topic

May. 26th, 2005 | 06:29 pm
posted by: sometimeafter in philobate

okay, y'all. i've got a new topic idea. what does everyone think of guantanamo (sp?) bay? for anyone who doesn't know, we're keeping people we think might be terrorists there. it's in cuba. kinda interesting. the reason it's there is because it's illegal in the united states, keeping supposed terrorists like that.

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anyone have any thoughts?

May. 12th, 2005 | 08:44 pm
posted by: sayonara_de in philobate

There are a few things I have found in the news lately, and I am interested in hearing other people's opinions.

1. What do you think about Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy's statement in Roper v. Simmons : "It is proper that we acknowledge the overwhelming weight of international opinion," and the opinion of the others, such as M.S. Gorbachev, saying that we should use the opinion of the international community to interepret our constitution? Should foreign law be allowed into courts to justify/overrule American laws?

2. Do you believe that the justice system should enforce the hate crimes statutes (adding onto a prison sentence if the prosecution can prove that the defendant killed the victim because of hatred for the person's sexual orientation/religion/race/etc.) found in many states?

Just out of curiosity. :]

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pardon the spelling and grammar and stuff. im tired.

May. 10th, 2005 | 11:26 pm
sentiment: tiredtired
sound: The Verve Pipe- The Freshmen
posted by: rose_for_emily in philobate

introduction form
name: Ashley
age: 17
from: California, near Bakersfield
found us: On the community promo.
promoted us: (not required, but appreciated)
-some opinions-
in general, liberal or conservative: I am a moderate conservative. Basically, I agree with most conservative policies, but there are a few (like some of the topics below) that I absolutely do not support.

abortion: I do not think there should be a federal or state law regarding abortion in any trimester. I believe it has no right or wrong answer, and should not be forced one way or the other any more than religion should be. Personally I do not think I could ever get one, but I would not condemn people for it. Accidents happen and if somebody truly belives a fetus is simply a parasite or feels that there is no way to support it, they should have the option of abortion. It is unfair to throw a child into an orphanage just because they have an unfit parent. In an ideal world, adoptive parents would always be available and arrangments would be made before a child is born so abortion would be unnecessary, but as it is, I really feel that some people should not have children.

gay rights: Homosexuals do not bother me in any way, nor does their sexuality have any effect on my life. They should have every right to share their life, personally and legally, with eachother. However, I am against homosexual unions being called marriages unless they are handled properly. Not because I believe marriage is meant to be between a man and a woman, but because, traditionally, marriage implies the union took place in a church setting of some sort (you know, minister, priest, rabbai, etc.). Personally, I think unions should only be addressed as marriages when done with a religious thought of some sort, but it would be way too complicated and change centuries worth of terminology. So I guess if it is a legal union it might as well be called a marriage.

war: It is necessary sometimes. I happen to agree with the War in Iraq. It is better to get Hussein out of power now rather than later. I realize we were either lied to or that Saddaam is very clever and managed to hide the weapons in Syria or some such place, but I honestly think in the long run everybodywill be far better off. I believe in spreading Democracy even if it is imperialistic. If you ahave the power and means to assert yourself, you might as well take advantage.

george w. bush: Liberals get him wrong. If what they believe is right, that it is his fault we are so far in debt, the entire War on Iraq is a scandal, and that he single handedly sunk our economy, he is a lot smarter than they want to believe. I mean, seriously, there are three branches of government for a reason. He is doing what he feels is right and clearly is backed by a lot of Americans or we would not have a conservative majority in the house. Maybe he planned that part too (hah...yeah right). Well, that would just lend to his intelligence. If Americans really do not want the Republicans running things, then the liberal parties must not be voting for their congressmen.

the national debt, tax cuts, etc: We have been in proportionally worse debt before, so I am confident it will get paid off if the men upstairs would stop cutting taxes. I think that we have to expect to pay a little bit more seeing as we are responsible for everything that is putting us in debt. That is the beauty of democracy. We citizens have obviously done nothing to stop the government from spending so much because the same people are still in office. According to those representatives we wanted to get into three wars at once and we also want to keep paying the impoverished welfare.

racial stereotyping: What does skin color have to do with potential? The only reason the stereotypes are true at all is because it is natural act a certain way to fit in with our peers. We feel protected that way. By stereotyping we tell people how to act if they want to fit in with their peers and, while a few strong minds will rise above it, some succumb to the peer pressure.

death penalty: An eye for an eye, I say. I wish it was a bit more torturous. Although it should only be used in cases where there is absolutely no doubt that the person is guilty. I'm talking written confession and hardcore physical, maybe even photographic evidence of guilt.

stem cell research: Is necesary. Seeing as only a small percentage actually come from aborted fetuses that is not the issue. The issue is developing technology that can cure hundreds of ailments. THe end definately justifies the means as long as the end does not mean super prolonged life. It would be great to cure cancer or have every grandparent remember his grandchild because alzheimers is a thing of the past, but we already live too long.

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May. 4th, 2005 | 09:29 pm
posted by: magicflyingpig in philobate

so the first official change in reference to yesterday's post.
weekly themes
themes will just be fun weekly topics to make a short post on. we'll try to have topics that can include pics because that's always fun. topics will be philobate related but not as serious as the discussion topics. hopefully they will add a little more fun and activity to the community, remind people of philobate and help attract members. if the theme idea goes over well, it will become the responsibility of mods and/or maintainers once we have that all set up.

this weeks theme
to start things off: movies that make you think.

if you have theme suggestions that be awesome!

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May. 3rd, 2005 | 08:49 pm
posted by: magicflyingpig in philobate

Justrandomwords (8:35:20 PM): philobate
Justrandomwords (8:35:29 PM): sadly
Justrandomwords (8:35:33 PM): is not working

the last post in this community was once again over a month ago. we have some great people here. i love the topics that get brought up. but 1) we don't have enough people and enough variety of thought to keep conversations going and keep the community active and 2) this mod/owner is just not the dedicated person with as much time for philobate as she'd like to be. so we have a couple options. i want this place to keep going. i think things like this need to exist. sharing of thought and opinion is soooo important. debating and formulating opinions is equally important. we all can promote more. hopefully that will attract more people. we could require promotions and activity (as in- you have to promote once a month and post once a month and comment 5 times a month) but i'm not a fan of that kind of requirement. this is afterall supposed to be something you enjoy. plus, i don't want to be a mean mod and have to pay attention to that kind of stuff and send warnings etc. so i'm throwing this out to you all as a last resort:
-promote, promote, promote
-we have a position for a maintainer in charge of promotion open for application. details on thatCollapse )
-we also need a maintainer in charge of prettyness and layout. cari (slightlywacked) i know you were interested in helping with this, and if you still want to the positions all yours.
-we need a moderator. i will continue to have moderator abilities according to lj and as owner, i will have final say, but i will no longer be a true moderator of the community. we need someone to keep everything going. update the info page, update the weekly theme, participate in as many discussions as they can, confirm things with the maintainers, etc. this could be a position for 2-3 people as the community goes.
-we need more people for any of this to matter so again promote, promote, promote. add a link to philobate at the end of all your lj entries...whatever you need to do.

*here's hoping i never make a post like this again*

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Apr. 3rd, 2005 | 11:01 pm
sentiment: blahblah
sound: goodnight goodnight, stuck in my brain
posted by: lolweasel in philobate

so what makes a person "weird?" well, obviously, wierdness is a social construct... so where does this social construct come from? from whence comes our need to label people who stand out as exceptional (whether positively or negatively)?

- cypress

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