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weekly theme: communities supporting presidents

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Jul. 2nd, 2005 | 12:51 pm
posted by: sometimeafter in philobate

okay, y'all, it's time for a new weekly theme. i just got this idea. my friend is vacationing in tennessee, and he says that all around there's bush-cheney signs. do your towns/states really obviously support one person/party? how is it shown in your communities? what do you think of entire communities supporting one party? i mean, most states are slanted either way, we know that, and the voting system was kind of based to acknowledge that. but in your community, are there signs and stuff still up? do you still notice public support of one party or another? just something to think about... i'm curious to know everyone's opinions, and what it's like in their communities.

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from: 1ad_astra1
date: Jun. 4th, 2006 10:30 pm (UTC)

First off, I reside in and therefore am speaking particularly of Arizona; tucson to be specific, south of Phoenix and north of Nogales ( the US/Mexico border town)

Before the actual ellection took place in 2004, it appeared(bumper stickers, general political adverts and other glitz and glams promoted by the leading party holders Kerry and W. Bush) to be a split of support nearly fifty-fifty; republican-democratic. The republican party having just a slight lead.

I attended both the kerry and Bush Rallies, oddly enough they had just as many supporters trying to get tickets that were all "sold out"( i never bought mine thanks to my school); speaches following similiar lines and the entire audience (except for the rare protester that was quickly rushed out) in a deafening approval manor. Mind you atleast 35 % of the stuff i could not hear because people began to cheer before the statement was finished and i was closer to the front.

After the election most support on either side diminished ( this community appears to only think political every four years outside of border issues). I do see more bush 04 stickers than the kerry edwards, but even those stickers ( being two years old and public opinion dropping greatly) have dissapeared mostly and are about equal to the apparent activist with anti bush statements (bumper stickers of the political nature in general are rare anymore). My family, predominately republican hardly speaks about how wonderfull bush is anymore and rather avoids most political conversations ( something i have tried before simply because i dont wish to piss my family off with my lack of party association)including my aunt; who on the day i went to vote went over a list of reasons why i should vote for bush and why i shouldnt waste my vote.. she was partially right given, arizona was/is more slanted towards republican beliefs. I decided to vote for the lessers of evils to neutralize someone elses vote.. i think there was only W. Bush and Kerry on the ballad, my state was one that voided Nader's attemps.. he would have been a waste of ink.

I wonder why it is that only two parties seem to be the people's agenda, arent we supposed to represent everyone that lives in this country? Is it not more dangerous to have a black and white political battlefield, given that people tend to fanatically support "their side" despite what it is they are supporting? A flaw is a flaw and i dont savor the idea to lay down and just take it.

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