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Philosophical Debate (and the like)
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Theme of the Week:
political support within communities.
theme of the week is intended to add some fun and more activity to the community. most themes will be designed so pictures and/or text can be posted.

*Community Law*
- You are welcome to read and comment on posts, however if you plan to comment often, please join. You will probably receive an invite as a hint.
- If you do comment, share you opinion, argue others' opinions, but please, no bashing except in specially marked posts.
New Members:
- Please introduce yourself. A suggested "introduction form" can be found here.
- All posts should be public.
- No bashing. Arguing, debating and such is great, but be respectful about it.
- Make an effort to post (entries and comments) as frequently as possible. We want activity.
- As always, promoting us is greatly appreciated. I understand you might want to promote other communities here as well, which is fine, but please promote us there.
- Please put the topic of your post in you subject line.
- Posts with mod// in the subject line deal with mod-ish things - new rules, updates, etc. You should always read these posts (there shouldn't be too many).

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